SAN RAMON, Calif. — MediaTrac, a marketing technology firm, is offering complimentary e-mail campaigns to help auto dealers affected by Hurricane Sandy. The free e-mail campaigns are designed to help auto dealers reach out and provide customized information to their customers about the state of their operations, as well as help drive customers back into the store for new vehicles and service.

MediaTrac specializes in creating and sending e-mail campaigns for dealerships across the United States and Canada. Its complimentary offering will be available through Friday, Nov. 16.

 “Hundreds of auto dealers have been affected by the storm and we wanted to make this offer to help them reach out to their customers,” said Jeff Shenk, director of operations at MediaTrac. “The e-mails can be used to inform customers about the operational condition of the dealership and when the dealership can service them.

“For those dealerships that weathered the storm and are back up and running, the emails can be used to encourage customers to come in and get their weather-damaged vehicles inspected, repaired or replaced.”