DETROIT — To assist auto customers in areas affected by Superstorm Sandy, Ally Financial will offer a 90-day payment deferral program on the purchase of all new General Motors and Chrysler 2012 and 2013 vehicles financed by Ally. The offer took effect on Nov. 7, and runs through Jan. 2, 2013.

The program allows eligible creditworthy customers residing in counties impacted by Superstorm Sandy to buy a new vehicle and defer the first payment for up to 90 days. It applies to both standard rate and manufacturer-incentivized financing contracts. Commercial vehicle sales for business use are also eligible. 

“We recognize the devastation and difficulty caused by the superstorm, and Ally Financial is offering this program as a means to provide some relief to people who need to purchase a new vehicle in the affected areas,” said Tim Russi, executive vice president of Ally’s North American Operations.

Ally Financial also has been assisting dealers in the hurricane region to get back up and running quickly.

“Ally has deployed its field team to the areas affected by Superstorm Sandy and we are actively working with dealers that have Ally wholesale insurance to help them resume normal business operations,” said Ally Insurance’s Tom Callahan.