ALPHARETTA, Ga. — DataScan Field Services, one of the largest floorplan inventory verification and vehicle inspection companies in the automotive industry, was selected as the exclusive provider of pre- and post-termination lease inspections for GM Financial. 

DataScan leverages its associates and technology solutions to help clients interact proactively with their lessees throughout the lease termination process, providing the finance company and General Motors dealers with the opportunity to improve lessee retention.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to offer the expertise and technology GM Financial is looking for to empower its dealers while keeping customers informed throughout the end-of-lease process,” said Brent Sergot, vice president and general manager of DataScan.

In addition to enhancing the dealer-customer relationship, DataScan’s inspection reports are extremely valuable in the remarketing business. These reports, trusted and recognized industry-wide, according to the company, allow companies to more effectively market off-lease vehicles for sale through selected upstream auction venues.

“DataScan provides state-of-the-art services specifically tailored to our needs and the needs of our dealer partners,” said Dan Heinrich, vice president asset remarketing for GM Financial. “With DataScan’s assistance, GM Financial can now offer an efficient and technology-driven end-of-lease process for our dealer partners.”