Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Thousands of businesses are already connected to Pinterest, but as of this month, pinboards managed by dealers and other companies will become more “business-friendly.”

The image-heavy social media site separated its users into two categories: personal accounts and business accounts. The separation will allow Pinterest to separate the provisions meant for business from those meant for regular people. And those provisions will also help to guide businesses on how to use the social media site.

“As a result, we updated our user terms to be half as long,” the company explained in a recent blog post. “We also took the opportunity to simplify the language as much as possible. Unfortunately, terms of use are one of those documents that requires a certain amount of legalese, so we’ve offered ‘translations’ of these sections, too.”

For dealers with an existing account, steps for converting their page can be found here. The business page outlines how dealers can add widgets to invite people to their Pinterest boards from the company’s web site, as well as other tools to assist other Pinterest users in “pinning” images from a dealership’s website.

Pinterest has yet to announce if advertising for businesses will soon be available. In July, a Pinterest spokesperson told <em>F&I and Showroom</em> magazine that the social media site continues to explore several different business models. “Our focus right now is not on monetizing, but we have tried a few things out to better understand how people use the service,” the company stated. “We want to be a profitable company, but we want to make sure whatever model we eventually use works with customers. We haven’t decided on one way to do it.”