December delivered record sales for several manufacturers, while many others reported significant gains for the calendar year. While BMW and Mercedes-Benz reported best-ever sales, carmakers like Mazda and Volkswagen beat longstanding records for December.

BMW: The auto group realized its best year since 2007 with 347,583 units sold, up 13.8 percent vs. 2011’s 305,418. December sales were up by 34.8 percent over last year, with 32,545 vehicles retailed.  For the year, top sellers for the brand were the 5-Series, the 6-Series and the X-3.          

Chrysler: The Chrysler Group rolled 10 percent more vehicles in December, with sales totaling 152,367 units. The automaker said its monthly performance was the best since 2007, and represented the 33rd consecutive month of year-over-year gains. Year-end sales for 2012 were also the strongest since 2007, as the company posted a 21 percent spike over 2011. Chrysler’s market share also grew from 10.5 percent in 2011 to 11.2 percent in 2012.

Ford: The domestic automaker posted sales of 214,222 units for December, up slightly from 2011’s 210,140 performance and up 21 percent vs. November.  The company’s U.S. new-vehicle sales for the year rose 1.9 percent in December vs. last year’s totals. Ford sales held steady, up 2.5 percent, while Lincoln sales dropped by 12 percent.

GM: General Motors realized its highest December sales month in five years, with sales increasing 5 percent vs. last year to 245,733 units. The month marked the best month of the year for the carmaker. GM also reported one million sales in 2012 of vehicles that get an EPA-estimated 30 mpg or better on the highway test cycle.

Honda/Acura: December sales shot up 26.2 percent compared to one year ago, with sales totalling 132,774 units. For the year, American Honda reported more than 1.42 million units retailed, up 24 percent vs. 2011’s annual numbers. The performance marked the company best sales year since 2008. The Accord, Civic and CR-V topped Honda’s list of best-sellers for 2012.

Hyundai: The South Korean carmaker saw sales a spike 17 percent in December vs. one year ago, with 59,435 units retailed. Overall sales for the year were up 9 percent to 703,007.

Mazda: Sales for the year reached their highest level since 2007 for the automaker, with 277,046 units sold. Annual sales exceeded 2011’s numbers by 10.6 percent. The company also reported that December was the best since 1994, as carmaker posted sales of 27,251 vehicles, a 21.9 percent increase over one year ago.

Mercedes-Benz: The German manufacturer posted record sales, making 2012 its highest ever year, with 305,072 units sold. Monthly sales were up 15.4 percent vs. the 264,460 cars sold the year prior. The Mercedes-Benz model line also realized a record year, with 274,134 vehicles sold, up 11.8 percent over last year. In December, the carmaker posted sales of 28,145 cars, up 9.5 percent from the same month of 2011.

Nissan/Infiniti: Nissan posted a 1.6 percent decline in December vs. the same month a year ago, with 99,290 units sold. The company’s overall sales for the year grew by 9.5 percent vs. 2011, with 1.14 million vehicles sold.

Toyota: The domestic carmaker reported sales of 194,143 units in December, up 13.2 percent on a daily selling rate and up 9 percent on an unadjusted raw volume basis. For the year, sales increased 26.6 percent vs. 2011, with sales totaling more than 2.08 million units.

Volkswagen: The German automaker realized its best sales month since 1973, with 44,005 units sold. The company also realized its best sales year since 1970. Its performance also marked the 28th consecutive month of growth, as Volkswagen delivered 438,133 units for the year, up 35.1 percent from last year.