ANAHEIM, Calif. — The Next Up, a retail sales process (RSP) for the automotive industry, has released a new version of its software, which is now 100 percent cloud-based.

The Next Up gives managers the true numbers of prospects walking through the door. Team members follow the proper steps to sale, therefore increasing sales and gross profit. By building a cloud-based service, The Next Up will be able to move forward with its mobile and geo-targeting features, to be introduced later this year.

“It took us more than a year and a half to build this Microsoft Azure cloud-based version of our software, complete with customization to meet all dealership needs globally. The cloud enables us to build real-time multi-platform communication that will not tax a dealership’s local area network,” said Clint Burns, founder of The Next Up. 

By moving to the cloud, the system can now be used in any area of the dealership where greater visibility is needed, including service, F&I and delivery. Managers will now be able to analyze the success of a team and respond immediately if a team member is underperforming.

“As a company, we strive to always be ahead of the curve and focused on the next big thing for our dealer clients, and this represents another way we can help them get to the next level,” said Burns. “Starting 2013 in the cloud will allow us to introduce some truly forward-thinking mobile tools and never before seen analytics at dealerships in the coming months.”

The Next Up will be demonstrating its cloud RSP at the 2013 NADA Convention in Orlando, Florida, booth No. 2983.