IRVINE, Calif. – Kelley Blue Book analysts issued their predictions for how automaker ads for this Super Bowl XLVII will resonate among car shoppers. And analysts believe the redesigned Toyota RAV4 will be the biggest winner among all automaker advertising, with more shoppers researching this model after the commercial airs.

“Similar to last year’s advertising buzz surrounding Honda’s CR-V ad, we anticipate the Toyota RAV4 will experience a similar effect with a surge of visitors researching the car on,” said Arthur Henry, manager of market intelligence for Kelley Blue Book. “The RAV4 also competes in the popular compact SUV segment, which is in high demand due to its fuel economy and affordability.  As one of the last vehicles to receive a redesign in its segment, coupled with a high-profile ad campaign featuring The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, the RAV4 is sure to experience a jump in shopper activity on”

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA also is predicted to benefit from its big game commercial. According to a recent Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence survey that was targeted for advertising related to the Big Game, the buzz for Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming ad created inflated awareness by revealing that the spot will showcase model Kate Upton.  The survey also reports that one-fourth of respondents who have seen automotive advertisement teasers before the official airing of the full clip during the Big Game, most often recalled Mercedes-Benz as the advertiser.

Hyundai is another brand predicted to receive a lift in shopper activity following the airing of its five ads during the game. With Hyundai’s frequency and sheer volume of time on the air, the brand will experience a short-lived increase of traffic share because of the brand’s already-recognized and established models in the marketplace. 

“With a long history of advertising during the game, Hyundai has taken note that this media buy is a truly impactful way to connect with consumers,” said Henry. “Hyundai has grown in shopping activity and consideration on as visitors have become more aware of the brand’s impressive product offerings.”

 The big game survey was conducted by Kelley Blue Book Market Intelligence from January 24-28. It showed that 74 percent of visitors plan on watching the game, and more than a quarter of those said the commercials are the highlight of the event.  Additionally, roughly 18 percent of respondents already have viewed a Super Bowl commercial online prior to the game, and of those individuals, half said they watched a pre-released automotive-specific ad.

“With a large number of consumers tuning into the Big Game and paying close attention to the commercials, automakers who run advertisements during this event will have the opportunity to garner a tremendous amount of Internet traffic, both to new-car research websites like and auto manufacturer sites,” said Henry.  “Furthermore, with the game being streamed on the Internet in addition to the television broadcast, it makes it even easier for consumers to research the advertised models and brands online.”