JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Family First Dealer Services LLC (FFDS) has released a four-tier (4T) Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Program.

The FFDS 4T GAP Program’s new 73 to 76 month term band provides considerable savings compared to the industry standard 72 to 84 month term band, according to the company.

“At FFDS, we believe in spotting unique trends and responding to market changes quickly. Over the past year, we have seen financing shift to the 73 to 76 month range. By introducing our 4T GAP Program, we prove once again that there is no better company in the industry to partner with when it comes to GAP,” said Tony Wanderon, CEO of FFDS.

Zack Matta, director of product for FFDS, added, “As auto lending continues to evolve, the emergence of the 75-month loan term has solidified. From an agent’s or dealer’s perspective, why pay for 84 months of GAP coverage when the loan term is 75?”