NASHVILLE, Tenn. — VASS, a firm that creates customer testimonial pages to, announced a new enhancement to its software solution designed to help dealers boost their CSI scores.

VASS dealers now have the option of reminding their new-car customers about the importance of giving a perfect answer on every question found in the manufacturer’s new-car satisfaction survey. Each time a new VASS Customer Testimonial Page is created for a dealership, the customer is e-mailed a link to their page so it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. The built-in social sharing has become a staple with most every dealership using VASS Customer Testimonial Pages to build trust and increase Internet traffic.

On April 27, VASS added another component to the software by allowing dealers to send an e-mail notification reminding each new-car customer about the importance of a perfect score on every aspect of the new-car customer satisfaction survey they’ll receive from the manufacturer.

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