HOUSTON — CAR-Research XRM, a single-source CRM solution branded as “XRM, Extreme CRM,” launched Showroom WatchDog, a service that aims to help auto dealers sell their unsold customers.

Showroom WatchDog uses CAR-Research XRM’s U.S.-based call center to perform next-day phone interviews to find out why the dealer’s customers didn’t buy; what parts of the sales process got in the way of the sale; and to obtain key and unique ad sourcing data. The dealership can then address these objections and smartly reengage the unsold customer for the sale, improve processes to close more future showroom visits, and adjust their monthly ad spend targets using this critical showroom traffic-sourced advertising data, according to the company.

“The average closing ratio for dealers is somewhere around 18 to 20 percent — 80 percent are unsold customers,” noted Patrick Kelly, CAR-Research president and COO. “We know that a third of that unsold 80 percent will come back if proper follow-up is done; but to get that third back in you have to call all 80. Dealers don’t have the time to do that and the customer may be upset and not want to talk to them. However, they will talk to an independent research firm like us.”

The new service is CRM-agnostic and available for use by auto dealerships using most major CRM systems. For more information, click here.