CARLSTADT, N.J. — Betson Enterprises has released a new whitepaper that makes the case for in-dealership arcades and game rooms, an emerging auto retail trend that promises to improve CSI by enhancing the showroom atmosphere while entertaining sales and service customers — and their kids — while they wait.

In “Arcades Draw Customers and Make Money,” Betson’s experts say arcade machines and other games can be installed with little disruption to the dealership’s business—game cabinets take up minimal amounts of room and gameplay sound can be lowered to a non-disruptive level. Dealers may choose to make gameplay free, pay-per-play, or card-controlled. They may select among classic arcade games, multiplayer car or motorcycle racing games, foosball or table tennis — whatever they feel will work for their business and attract customers, said Bob Dipipi, director of sales for Betson Enterprises.

“Auto dealers are discovering that games are a good fit for their businesses, particularly given any potential wait times customers may have to endure, especially if they have kids in tow,” Dipipi said. “The limitless options and ease of installation, maintenance, and financing make arcade-style games a perfect fit for dealerships of every size and shape.”

To download “Arcades Draw Customers and Make Money” for no charge, click here.

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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