MASON CITY, Iowa — Dealer software provider DealerBuilt announced it has partnered with ParkerGale Capital to further its growth and innovation in the automotive industry.

“In seeking this new partnership with ParkerGale, we wanted a partner who has a likeminded approach to this market, values what we built, yet understands the complexities we face, and has similar core values and culture that we worked hard to build,” said DealerBuilt CEO Mike Trasatti.

“DealerBuilt has seen steady growth over the years through word-of-mouth and has achieved market acceptance from some of the best dealer operators in the business,” Trasatti added. “We owe it to our current customers to broaden our reach, fulfill their needs, and grow in a responsible way to ensure we maintain our commitment to providing great customer service and innovative solutions.” 

Executives said the capital investment and additional resources will enable DealerBuilt to expand its reach, create the structure necessary for continued growth, and bring to market more readily the features requested from its customers.

“In conducting our due diligence, we studied DealerBuilt and discovered a uniquely valuable culture and a resounding number of employees that care about what they do in this business, which is something we plan to continue to build on,” said Ryan Milligan, partner at ParkerGale. “We think this is precisely what the auto industry is looking for — a high-tech and high-touch approach to dealership technology.”

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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