TROY, Mich. — Data provider and auto manufacturer partner MOTOR Information Systems has released “How to Generate More Demand for OE Parts,” a new whitepaper aimed at original equipment parts manufacturers and the greater parts industry, including auto dealers.

The key is leveraging the right coded data for parts availability, analysts said, noting the automotive industry is in a “state of change” with the advent of electric and autonomous vehicles and the ownership model moving toward mobility-as-a-service. The one constant is the need to properly maintain vehicles no matter the propulsion system or ownership model, preferably with factory parts.

“There is great opportunity to create additional parts demand from OE manufacturers given the abundance of cars on the road today with sophisticated drive chains and technology,” said Jeff Nosek, executive vice president of MOTOR. “These cars are built with great quality and servicing them with OE parts keeps them operating at an optimal level. This paper is an opportunity to educate OE manufacturers on how trusted data providers today can amplify this parts demand across the channel.”

To download a copy of the MOTOR whitepaper, click here.

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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