LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. — Mechanical Breakdown Protection Inc., a provider of F&I products for the automotive industry, is now providing MBP ID Fraud Solutions as an addition to their vast selection of products for today’s consumers. MBP ID Fraud Solutions product was created to offer a layer of identity protection that many consumers do not have, and is provided as an option while purchasing a vehicle.

Executives said the new product is an opportunity to offer customers a unique option to put safeguards in place for future financial protection at a low cost. With the alarming rate of increased identity fraud, protecting customers from the multiple ways they can become a victim is incredibly beneficial. The membership structure allows for the cost to be included in the purchase of the vehicle as an investment into future protection.

MBP ID Fraud Solutions minimizes the damage of identity theft by having resources and benefits available in the event of fraud. Designed to protect automotive consumers with a complete identity fraud solution. MBP ID Fraud Solution offers financial and legal protection which are critical to providing value and protection and include live restoration services, lost wallet protection, financial reimbursement and cash recovery, legal network access, and an emergency preparation kit, all according to the announcement. 

Originally posted on Agent Entrepreneur

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