Platform enhancements will support customer loyalty and new customer acquisition. - IMAGE: automotiveMastermind

Platform enhancements will support customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

NEW YORK - automotiveMastermind (aM), part of S&P Global Mobility and a provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for dealerships, has announced three new enhancements to its service-to-sales offerings through its flagship automated sales and marketing platform, Mastermind.

The Mastermind enhancements support the entire dealership service-to-sales ecosystem – including bringing new customers into the door, activating service-to-sales opportunities and maintaining customer loyalty.

The enhancements include the following:

Service-to-Sales Generator 

Building on the platform’s ability to automatically identify and activate service-to-sales leads within a dealer’s existing customer portfolio, Mastermind’s new Service-to-Sales Generator fuels these efforts by reaching new customers and marketing to them. By targeting and engaging in-market conquest prospects that are also high-intent service customers, the expansion enables dealers to grow loyalty within their marketing area by nurturing immediate and future service-to-sales opportunities.   

Utilizing a custom, dual in-market audience, Mastermind will target consumers within a dealer’s Area of Influence who are: 

  • Current owners of the dealer’s brand  
  • In-market for a new vehicle 
  • Have a Behavior Prediction Score® of 50-100  
  • Are a net-new customer to the dealership  

Dealertrack DMS Integration

aM is now part of the Dealertrack DMS integration partner program to bring real-time service arrival notifications into Mastermind, centralizing the dealership workflow by providing insight into which customers are visiting the service drive so they can meet customers in the drive with speed, strengthen relationships and increase service-to-sales opportunities.

The Dealertrack DMS integration will allow Mastermind to serve as a “one-stop shop” for customer information by removing disconnected workflows from a dealership’s sales team. In addition to notifying salespeople at the store when there are upcoming appointments, Mastermind will inform users whenever a loyalty customer enters their service drive through real-time in-platform and email notifications.

Expansion of Recall Data

Dealers can now use Mastermind to see which customers within their loyalty portfolio may have open recalls. With these insights, dealers are empowered to build relationships with existing customers to drive a key touchpoint that fuels immediate and future sales opportunities and promotes customer retention.

“These new service-to-sales enhancements showcase automotiveMastermind’s continued commitment to helping dealers navigate ongoing inventory shortages by maximizing revenue opportunities in the service drive,” said automotiveMastermind Vice President of Product Aaron Baldwin. “We recognize the service drive’s growing value to generating revenue and future sales. With these enhancements, we will continue supporting our dealers’ service marketing efforts at every step of the customer journey, generating critical revenue, supporting immediate and future sales and helping promote customer loyalty.”


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