FORT WORTH, Texas – Taking place October 24–26 at Hotel Drover in Fort Worth, Texas, Auto Dealer Exchange (ADX) is designed for automotive dealership executives and the suppliers that support them by providing quality products and technological advances that improve operations, boost sales, and improve the customer experience. Dealership executives who apply and qualify will receive complimentary flights and hotel stay to join as our guest at ADX.

On Tuesday evening at ADX, join other attendees and sponsors for an evening of BBQ, mechanical bull-riding, roping contests, photo opportunities and much more!


Dealership executives are busy, and you need to be able to bring back information, contacts and ideas that are going to make a difference. Part of ADX is matching attendees up with supplier “hosts” for 10-minute meetings. We emphasize to our hosts that these meetings are about listening to franchise dealership executives about their problems and challenges and seeing if there is a match. And we customize your schedule of meetings and roundtables based on information you supply in your registration. 

In addition to one-on-one meetings, dealer-guests will participate in small-scale focus groups, group presentations and top-shelf netwokring events including:

  • Golf Tournament
  • Cigars and Cordials reception featuring a private country concert
  • BBQ cookout including mechanical bull riding, roping contest, giveaways and more..

ADX is a relationship-building event packed with innovative individuals, topical discussions and intimate networking opportunities. It provides dealership leaders with an unmatched opportunity to meet a select group of leading providers from around the country to cultivate relationships in an exclusive setting.

Dealership executives from large, franchise dealerships, are invited to apply for Auto Dealer eXchange (ADX). As an active participant at ADX, you'll be surrounded by peers who embrace the latest technological advances in the dealership industry and who are constantly looking to add the best products to their business.

Every ADX participant receives a complimentary experience that inclues:

  • Rountrip Airfare and ground transportation
  • Hotel Stay at The Hotel Drover
  • Complimentary Event Registration 
  • Insights and advice from leaders in the industry
  • Interactive roundtable discussions with industry peers
  • Dynamic group presentation from industry suppliers
  • Custom one-on-one consultation with industry suppliers
  • Solutions to your current and future challenges
  • Attendee spouses are invited to attend and will receive airfare, hotel-stay, meals and a $500 shopping spree or spa package

The entire event is designed so you can exchange information, explore ideas, extend your network and expand your options. As a result, you’ll build unique relationships that will last far beyond ADX — relationships that could change the landscape of your world.

The two-day program puts you face-to-face with a hand-selected group of providers who hold the keys to the cutting-edge products and services that help you keep the wheels turning. This is accomplished through one-one-one appointments, focus groups and roundtable discussions between dealers and suppliers. 


Apply today to quialify for a complimentary trip to ADX on October 24–26 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Apply today to quialify for a complimentary trip to ADX on October 24–26 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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