Winners revealed by consumer rankings in the world’s longest running automotive benchmark study of vehicle buyer expectations. - IMAGE: Genesis

Winners revealed by consumer rankings in the world’s longest running automotive benchmark study of vehicle buyer expectations.

SALT LAKE CITY —InMoment®, a global leader in automotive Experience Improvement (XI)™, announced winners for the fourth annual eNVy Awards®. The awards recognize 2021 model year vehicles that have outperformed their competitors in delivering buyer expectations based on the way buyers experience different qualities of their vehicle and how they rate their reasons for purchase. 

eNVy award winners were identified using data from the InMoment New Vehicle Customer Study (NVCS®), the most trusted and widely used new vehicle buyer behavior study in the automotive industry. All winners were ranked on customer response ratings of their vehicles’ ability to deliver on the five most common reasons for purchase: comfort, quality, performance, safety, and ownership cost.


Overall Winner: Genesis G90

Premium Market Vehicle Segment Winners 

  • Sports Car: Chevrolet Corvette
  • Small Car: Lexus iS
  • Mid Car: Audi R/S 5
  • Large Car: Genesis G90
  • Small SUV: BMW X4
  • Mid SUV: Mercedes Benz GLE
  • Large SUV: BMW X7 

Mass Market Vehicle Segment Winners

  • Sports Car: Dodge Challenger
  • Compact Car: Kia Soul
  • Small Car: Hyundai Elantra
  • Mid Car: Kia K5
  • Large Car: Nissan Maxima
  • Small SUV: Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid
  • Mid SUV: Kia Telluride
  • Large SUV: GMC Yukon
  • Compact Van: Toyota Sienna Hybrid
  • Small Pickup: Honda Ridgeline
  • Full-Size Light Duty Pickup: Ram Pickup 1500
  • Full-Size Heavy Duty Pickup: Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Plug-In Hybrid/All Electric Vehicle Segment: Tesla Model 3

“Today’s buyers are looking for vehicles that meet their buying expectations,” said Tim Englehart, VP Automotive, InMoment. “Studies show that vehicle owners currently remain loyal to their specific brands, but beware. There’s a sea change underway, with the move to online shopping and buying methods, consumer interest in tech-savvy innovation, and the EV segment positioned to become mainstream. More than ever, OEMs and dealerships need to be hyper-focused on meeting current and future buyer expectations.”

Key Observations Uncovered:

  • In the 21 model segments, there were seven repeat winners from the previous year models and of the 14 new winners, six were redesigned or all new vehicles and one was a first time hybrid engine option.
  • Among manufacturers, Kia and Chevrolet led with three wins each and BMW and Hyundai had two wins each.
  • The study revealed that the small pickup segment has the most room for improvement as the average score for this segment was the lowest and was 36 points lower than the average score of all segments.
  • The eNVy electric vehicle segment contains both pure electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles, with pure electric vehicles taking seven of the eight top spots in the electric segment.
  • The electric/plug-in hybrid segment grew from 12 to 23 models from the 2020 model year to the 2021 model year. 

The latest eNVy data is available immediately for customers within the InMoment XI Platform, and InMoment provides Experience Improvement solutions through technology and services that help automotive and mobility companies around the globe make smarter decisions that help exceed buyer expectations.

InMoment’s NVCS is the world’s longest running benchmark of vehicle satisfaction with over 50 years of data, and provides consumer feedback about vehicle experiences, shopping and buying patterns, and feature preferences to automotive manufacturers and OEMs.

For more information on the eNVy awards or NVCS, contact InMoment at [email protected]

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