DealerPeak offering helps dealerships mine more data. - IMAGE: Getty Images/metamorworks

DealerPeak offering helps dealerships mine more data.

IMAGE: Getty Images/metamorworks

DealerPeak, the only Customer Relationship Management technology dedicated to helping the industry refuel its love of selling cars, recently announced the beta release of its data-warehouse capabilities. In a few clicks, the new feature allows dealerships to connect their own business-intelligence tools to their CRM data. 

In growing dealer groups, data drives profits. Dealers need quick access to data from all of their systems, as a holistic view of data across the organization is key to optimizing performance. CRM houses the richest data set in the dealership, and static reports and archaic data dashboards no longer suffice. 

“One of the things we find so often when working with dealership teams is a growing frustration that the systems they use daily don’t create the reports and dashboards needed for their group,” said DealerPeak CEO Matt Moore. “This new data warehouse feature is one answer to the concern. DealerPeak clients now have more control over the information in their own system than ever before, without the need for custom integrations.”

The data-warehouse function allows dealers to build and manage custom dashboards and enables automated reporting, and even event-based triggers using whichever business-intelligence platform the dealer prefers. DealerPeak’s data warehouse can connect with Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Google Data Studio, and many others without writing any code. Dealerships can also use data warehouse to seamlessly connect other platforms to their CRM data without the need for custom integrations.

DealerPeak’s enterprisewide solutions automate the hard work of relationship building through real-time updates, customized workflows, desking solutions and more. The aim is to bring joy back into the process while helping each dealership contribute to a healthy bottom line. 

For more information or to request access to our data warehouse on your account, please contact [email protected].

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