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Gil Van Over of Automotive Compliance Education (ACE) tackles your most pressing regulatory concerns and the latest enforcement actions.

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It’s the Process, Stupid

James Carville famously scrawled “It’s the economy, stupid” on a blackboard during President...

A dealership’s Red Flags process is a clear indicator of how its overall compliance quotient stacks up against stores that never let a notification go by.

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4 F&I Scenarios That Can Lead to Bank Fraud

Anyone involved in the dealer-arranged financing process — from sales to F&I to bank reps — can...

Expert lists four all-too-common situations in which failing to understand underwriting guidelines or falsifying required stips — by dealership or finance source personnel — can constitute not just noncompliance but outright fraud.

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Proper Desking Prevents Payment Packing

Establishing a process-defining policy that every sales manager acknowledges and agrees to is a...

Despite improved industry education and a slew of regulatory enforcement actions, packing payments remains a popular pursuit at dealerships around the nation. Here’s how to prevent this highly illegal practice before it starts.