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3 Digital Retailing Myths Debunked

Apprehensions about the cost and effectiveness of digital retail have kept many dealers on the...

Concerns over costs, the customer experience, and intangible benefits have prevented many dealers from competing in the digital sales and F&I arena. Separate fact from fiction with this three-minute read.


Econtracting: Slippery Slope or Big Opportunity?

With the demand for electronic contracting grows the need for F&I to get involved in the...

Progress toward a fully online transaction may be inevitable, but you — and your finance sources — must take concrete steps toward process improvement and regulatory compliance to make econtracting work for your store.


Data Can Help Dealers Sell More OE Parts

Independent shop owners oversee about 70% of all post-warranty repairs and are in the market for...

Once treated as classified information, factory parts data is now shared freely. Opportunistic franchised dealers are seizing the opportunity by selling unneeded inventory to independent repair shops.


Stop Keeping F&I Products a Secret

The author believes withholding information about F&I products from dealer websites is hurting...

All available research and data suggests car buyers want to research F&I products online. Most say they will be more likely to buy if they can can learn more before they get to the dealership. So why do so few dealer websites offer the information consumers are looking for?

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F&I Should Be Grand Sumo Yokozunas

Yokozuna wrestle last, drawing the biggest crowds and guaranteeing the evening ends on a high...

The champions of the sumo world can handle any type of opponent, win more bouts than they lose, and enjoy a level of respect and privilege that only top producers can ever hope to earn.


The Price of Compliance Is Going Up. Sorry.

The Federal Trade Commission’s Safeguards Rule now requires that someone — whether an employee...

Recent revisions to the federal Safeguards Rule cement the need for a compliance officer in every dealership. Whether their duties are performed by an employee or outsourced, satisfying the new requirement is going to cost your store thousands of dollars per month.


How to Sell F&I on Alt-Fuel Vehicles

Selling F&I on vehicles such as the BMW i8 plugin hybrid may require a fresh approach.

Many F&I pros are struggling to keep up with battery-powered vehicles — and the customers who buy them. Expert offers a process backed by education and a consultative approach.