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Don’t Let the Sale Get in the Way

Jason Bateman (left) stars in “The Elevator,” a Hyundai Assurance ad that puts “Car Shopping” on...

People still love cars and still hate shopping for them. Improve your closing rate with a showroom strategy that rewards customers for making your dealership the only one they visit on their car-buying journey.

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F&I Is All About Attitude

Maintaining a sense of purposeful optimism helps top performers reduce idle time and focus on...

Whether you’re starting your day, ending your day, or powering through a tough deal, a willing attitude is the fastest and most productive way to accomplish it.

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Are You Menu Selling or Menu Telling?

Still pushing the F&I rock uphill? Get the needs-discovery phase out of the way before...

Top trainer shares three questions every F&I manager should be asking themselves, all of which have little to do with your choice of menu and everything to do with the way you’re using it.

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Will Data Put an End to Powerbooking?

New technology and growing demand for accurate valuation from multiple segments could mean...

A new-to-market, data-driven solution has reignited the discussion over intentional vehicle overvaluation, a form of bank fraud that remains prevalent despite a string of dealer lawsuits and regulatory actions.

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Make Every Minute Count in F&I

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, ask if it’s from Peking. You could be in for a...

F&I director offers four tips you can use to start your day with a bang and maintain a level of urgency that will fuel your presentations and make your time between customers more productive.


3 Steps to Cure F&I Burnout

The author encourages frustrated F&I managers to change mindsets before changing dealerships.

Sales and managerial incompetence, cash customers, and bad weather all can contribute to severe F&I burnout and greener grass disease. Before you attempt to make a change while your performance is trending downward, try this three-step process guaranteed to positively influence your situation.


Is Technology Changing F&I or Is F&I Changing Technology?

Many of the new tools marketed to dealer and F&I professionals are designed to give customers a...

The rapid evolution and advancement of dealership systems and selling tools has led some F&I managers to fear new technology and others to embrace it. Whether you’re in Flintstones or Jetsons mode, you need a plan to meet or exceed your customers’ expectations.

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4 F&I Scenarios That Can Lead to Bank Fraud

Anyone involved in the dealer-arranged financing process — from sales to F&I to bank reps — can...

Expert lists four all-too-common situations in which failing to understand underwriting guidelines or falsifying required stips — by dealership or finance source personnel — can constitute not just noncompliance but outright fraud.