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The Topic That Won’t Go Away: Loan Fees

Questions continue to swirl around loan fees charged to car buyers. A recent case in North...

A North Dakota car buyer prevailed in a recent case involving loan (or ‘acquisition’) fees that reached the state supreme court, where the dealer was found to have failed to properly disclose the charge.


3 Leadership Skills Every F&I Manager Needs

Taking personal ownership of your processes, communications, and results can lead to enhanced...

Taking ownership of your own performance and that of those around you is a proven path to success in any field. For F&I managers, it’s a concrete step toward higher production and career advancement.


Break Out of Your F&I Shackles

The application of a little empathy, critical thinking, and intellectual rigor can erase the...

You need to be real to close the deal, and your tired word-tracks aren’t helping. Trainer shares a reliable three-part process you can try the next time an F&I customer goes off-script.

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Proper Desking Prevents Payment Packing

Establishing a process-defining policy that every sales manager acknowledges and agrees to is a...

Despite improved industry education and a slew of regulatory enforcement actions, packing payments remains a popular pursuit at dealerships around the nation. Here’s how to prevent this highly illegal practice before it starts.

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F&I Is Stronger Than Ever

U.S. and Canadian F&I professionals continue to perform at a high level despite industry...

Fears that F&I would fall victim to advancing technology and bad press appear unfounded as the segment continues to perform for dealers and car buyers.


3 Ways to Drive Online Reviews

Quality customer interactions aren’t limited to the show floor, but positive online reviews for...

Sales, F&I, and service all play a role in generating reviews that improve your dealership’s online standing and lend new insights into the customer experience you deliver.


Are You an F&I Manager or an F&I Clerk?

The author believes the current generation of F&I professionals is lacking in sales experience,...

Years of strong sales and near-zero unemployment have lowered the bar for the business office. Veteran F&I pro shares two proven strategies for turning a finance clerk into a finance manager.