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No Way Is the Way

“No way is the way” and “Be like water, able to adapt to any situation” are the central tenets...

Rehashing deals at the desk is a losing proposition for the business office, the dealership, and its customers. One expert says dealers and managers must act now or be forced to watch the art of F&I dwindle into obscurity.

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Play Like a Champion

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led his team to 25 points in the fourth quarter and...

His Madness wants F&I pros to achieve greatness by pushing the limits of performance, product knowledge, and customer service.

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Get Out of My Store

Dealers are pushing back against factory-mandated brick-and-mortar renovations that may not be...

Dealers have become increasingly vocal and organized in resistance to expensive and onerous factory-mandated facility upgrades.


You Have 8 Seconds to Impress Me

An eight-second attention span is a new challenge for auto dealers, but making your message...

Dwindling consumer attention spans have compelled many retailers to make their marketing messages faster and louder. Smart dealers use their first eight seconds to make a lasting impression.


F&I Creates Moments Worth Sharing

F&I pros revel in the moments when customers realize the product or guarantee they bought will...

Top F&I producer sees working in the box as a long-term investment that pays off every time a customer realizes their coverage will perform just as you said it would.


Is the Art of F&I Dead?

When sales managers are allowed to cut F&I out of the deal, profits decline and customers suffer...

Every dealer believes they are dedicated to finance, but too many are complicit in an ongoing effort to eliminate the F&I middleman and let sales and desk managers cut deals on the bank’s terms.

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Change Your Own Oil

Need a spark? Try reviewing training materials and videos for tips, techniques, and resources...

Bad habits form quickly when finance friction affects your performance. His Madness explains how true F&I professionals roll up their sleeves and seek inspiration to get back on track.

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Get Over It

The Eagles’ “Get Over It” is a fitting mantra for F&I professionals suffering from a crisis of...

Before you quit F&I and start flipping burgers, His Madness reminds you that every losing streak has to end sometime.