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NextGear Capital’s Enhanced Account Portal Makes Floor Planning Easier for Independent Dealers
Cox Automotive Update: Strong Retail Sales Forecast For April
Quantum5 Hires Award Winning Fixed Ops Trainer Dave Foy
Black Book Market Insights

Black Book Market Insights

Inventory levels continue to be tight, both in the new and used retail markets, as well as the wholesale market, further fueling the price required to source used inventory.

April 27, 2021

National Auto Care Announces Launch of Fixed Ops 5 Podcast
Specialty Market Insights

Specialty Market Insights

This month, tens of millions of federal stimulus checks hit bank accounts across the country. If last year is any guide, many of those will wind up being used to buy powersports vehicles of one type or another.

April 22, 2021

CarMD Releases its 2021 Vehicle Health Index
Black Book Releases History Adjusted Residual Values
Weekly Market Insights Report

Weekly Market Insights Report

The market continues to increase, but the rate of weekly gains has slowed while still remaining at levels that would be record-setting by any historical comparisons.

April 20, 2021

April Auto Lease Payments Down Significantly for Many Luxury Car Brands
Advanced Data Insights Provide Targeted Marketing for Your Customers and Fraud Protection for You
Chip Summit Brings Good News and Bad News for Automakers
Latest Figures on Lease Credit Approvals Showing Another Slight Increase for March
Dealerlogix Debuts Service Valet Vehicle Pickup and Delivery
Automotive Market Report

Automotive Market Report

This past week did not set another record, but the market is still experiencing week-over-week increases that are in record-breaking territory.

April 13, 2021