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EFG Companies Launches Flexible Training Subscription Service
F&I Tip of the Week: Don't Let the Lender Decide
Circle of Development: Execution
Don’t Recruit F&I Managers, Grow Them
F&I Tip of the Week: Avoiding the F&I Present Bias Trap
Smart AutoCare hires Michael Connelly as their Director of Training and Development
F&I Tip of the Week: You Can't Recover From a Lack of Trust
Quantum5 Hires Award Winning Fixed Ops Trainer Dave Foy
Circle of Development: Skillset

Circle of Development: Skillset

Three areas of skillset development are critical to success, but these skills do not come naturally for most of us, so they must be intentionally developed.

April 22, 2021

To Pre-Expose or Not to Pre-Expose

To Pre-Expose or Not to Pre-Expose

In this video, Dwayne Wiggins from the Automotive Training Academy by Assurant, discusses why we might not have a choice when it comes to pre-exposing our customers to protective products, before they visit the business office.

April 1, 2021

Quantum5 Releases Gamification Training App Designed to Bridge the Gap between Traditional and Digital Retail Sales Skills
Circle of Development: Mindset

Circle of Development: Mindset

We are all going somewhere and using a mindset GPS will assure we get to the destination we are all looking for — increased customer satisfaction, income, and profits.

March 23, 2021

F&I Saboteurs: Part II

F&I Saboteurs: Part II

In a previous tip, Dwayne Wiggins from the Automotive Training Academy discussed two F&I saboteurs that reside in the overall sales process. Idle time for the customer and rushing through the process to accommodate a false time expectation. Unfortunately, those are not the only ones that may be negatively impacting the customer experience. Here are 3 additional saboteurs to be on the lookout for.

March 4, 2021

Circle of Development

Circle of Development

The most frequent and damaging mistake that I encounter at dealerships is requiring people to learn in the wrong sequence. There is a better way to becoming a true professional — a simple four-step sequence of development that we can all follow.

February 18, 2021

US Equity Advantage Launches AutoPayPlus University