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F&I Tip of the Week: Managing Time Expectations
Are You a Believer

Are You a Believer

Do you believe in your products or do you just sell them? It's a fair question. Here's another question that will help you find out ... What products are you currently enrolled in to protect your own personal vehicle? If the answer is none, that might be an indication that you are not a true believer after all. UDS' John Tabar encourages you to believe in the products you are selling to help the customer believe in their value.

June 23, 2020

F&I Tip of the Week: The Five Elements

F&I Tip of the Week: The Five Elements

Most of us will process and retain a story better than we process or retain facts, and a good story can make the difference between your customer identifying with the value of the benefit and saying "no thanks." UDS's John Tabar shares the five elements of a good story in this Tip of the Week.

June 16, 2020

F&I Tip of the Week: The Power of a Good Transition Statement
Getting the Most Out of Your Menu

Getting the Most Out of Your Menu

With the increasing demand to generate revenue from the business office today, coupled with the number of products available and the client's lack of focus, makes maximizing your menu challenging. Trent White with American Financial's F&I University is here to share a solution to help get the most out of your menu.

June 4, 2020