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Elon Musk

Tesla and the 1% Problem

For all its missteps, Tesla Inc. finally found its footing in 2018, eking out a 1.2% market share and renewing concerns shared by established manufacturers and brick-and-mortar dealers.

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Online Checkout

Though the fate of Tesla’s attempts to break away from the dealer franchise model remains to be seen, there’s one piece of its business model dealers are gradually getting on board with.

Data Wars

The Alpha Dawg offers commentary on government scandals, the specter of foreign ownership and ‘Bubba’ Marchionne’s search for new office space.

Tesla Can’t Sell Directly to Consumers in Texas

Two Tesla-backed bills failed to make it to the voting round this legislative session. The legislation would have exempted Tesla from state franchise laws, allowing the electric carmaker to sell directly to consumers in that state.

Tesla Motors Issues More Stock to Repay Energy Department

Tesla Motors is offering common stock and convertible senior notes to repay a loan received from the Department of Energy. The offerings are being led by CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla Introduces 'New Type' of Financing Option

Tesla Motors partners with Wells Fargo and US Bank on a 'new type’ of financing for its Model S customers.

Minnesota Dealers Drop Bill to Prohibit Tesla From Opening Factory Store

In Tesla’s fight to open retail locations across the U.S. market, another state has backed down from fighting the electric-carmaker’s business model.

Tesla Motors to Add 25 New Stores This Year

During the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a company VP announced that the electric carmaker will open 25 new stores in 2013. The company currently has 13 stores in operation.

Tesla Discloses Risks of Lawsuits to Investors

Tesla is faced with lawsuits from dealer associations in the states of New York and Massachusetts, and the NADA shares why Tesla’s model doesn’t work.