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So You Want to Be an Agent

Is there life after being an F&I manager? The answer is yes. But the work of an independent agent and trainer isn’t for everyone. A reinsurance expert and former dealer lists five prerequisites for what could be a highly rewarding career change.

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F&I Tip of the Week: Product Knowledge Vs. Understanding

Product knowledge does not always translate to product understanding by the customer, so don't assume they are already aware of the features and benefits your product offers. John Tabar from UDS here with this F&I Tip of the Week.

This is Not Normal

This is not the new normal. In this tip, Ritch Wheeler with American Financial's F&I University explains how today is not the new normal and what you can do moving forward to ensure you have a more satisfying and profitable experience in the business office.

How Can Your F&I Managers Make More by Selling Less? Preload Your Ancillaries

F&I managers are compensated well to deal with a lot of pressure and are often among the highest paid in the store. Yet with an overstuffed menu of products, it can be a challenge to focus on the few products that yield the highest commission for all of this effort. What if there were a way to lighten that load and help the F&I managers actually make MORE money?


I suggest those of us in the car business — and maybe others too — should occasionally shout “do-over” as though we were kids again.

EasyCare Adds Lifted & Medium Duty Truck Protection Plans

Available for trucks classed as medium duty and those fitted with lift kits, this new offering gives dealers an opportunity to offer extended protection for these vehicles—which comprise a growing segment of US auto sales.

A Blockbuster Process In a Netflix World

Insight presentations are today; features and benefits presentations are so yesterday…and hopefully will soon be as hard to find as a Blockbuster store.

Dealers See Bottom-Line Benefits from a Thorough F&I Product Portfolio Review

Agents and dealers should be taking time to review their complete lineup of F&I program offerings and portfolio of services to ensure they have the right makeup of value-added products for customers.

Adapting to Win

Adaptability is the only way anyone can be successful right now. Let’s investigate the secret to winning.

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Protective Asset Protection Industry Survey Shows How COVID-19 Opened Up More Online F&I Product Options from Dealers

Dealers report increases in consumers using online tools resulting in higher sales.