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F&I Conference & Expo

Leave the Hybrids to the Manufacturers

Has the industry gone mad? The magazine’s in-the-trenches columnist fires a shot across the bow of the push toward a combined sales/F&I manager.

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I have a couple of house cleaning items to get to before I tell you about a very important MEETING taking place March 8-9 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

First Details Emerge for Agent Summit

Sources close to both organizations are reporting that F&I and Showroom and Agent Entrepreneur’s collaborative effort to launch an agents-only conference is nearing fruition.

Direct Marketing Takes Center Stage

Industry leaders offered their thoughts on whether direct-to-consumer marketing has a place inside dealerships.

Dissecting Financial Reform

The magazine’s Legal columnist answered some questions about the Dodd-Frank legislation — and raised several more of his own — during an hour-long presentation at the F&I Conference and Expo.

Special Finance Coming Back Slowly

Leading subprime lending executives joined Jim Bass to discuss how they — and their dealers — are navigating the changing special finance landscape.

F&I’s Role in the New Economy

Is it time for the F&I manager’s role to expand? Industry experts offered their advice for handling the post-recession consumer.

Clicking Into a New Reality

Is it time for change? All three keynoters at the magazine’s annual conference said the industry has no choice, and each offered his views on how it can happen.

The Great Debate

From DMS integration to Excel spreadsheets, our panel debated the key elements of an effective menu presentation and how it can drive profits.

The Internet: False Prophecy or Holy Grail?

'The customer is always right' is a tried-and-true retail philosophy, but the editor questions whether that holds up when it comes to Internet sales.