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GM Sues Iowa Dealer for False Reporting

General Motors sues Iowa dealer for damages and injunctive relief for falsely reporting sales and allegedly transferring vehicles that resulted in GM awarding the dealer with thousands of dollars under the GM Standards for Excellence program.

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December and Year-End Sales Spike

Carmakers reported a favorable December and year-end sales. Mercedes and BMW posted record sales for the year, while Mazda realized its best December since ’94. Volkswagen also posted its best month since 1970 and its best year since 1973.

Treasury to Exit GM Investment in 12-15 Months

The U.S. Department of the Treasury will remove itself from GM investments within 12-15 months by selling off its 500 million shares of common stock — 200 million back to GM, and the remainder through “various means.”

Forbes: Top Advisors Recommend Buying GM, FIAT Stock in 2013

General Motors and FIAT made the cut in Forbes’ recent list of ‘12 Stocks to Buy in 2013.’ The publication spoke with 12 top advisors to get their recommendations.

GM Adds Digital Air Strike as Certified Partner

General Motors certifies Digital Air Strike’s reputation management solution, which will be made available to the carmaker’s Standards for Excellence dealers.

Wells Fargo Expands GM Relationship, Eyes Other Automakers

Wells Fargo officials told Bloomberg that it would like to expand its relationship with General Motors. A bank official also said the company is interested in expanding its offerings to other automakers.

GM Bids to Reacquire Parts of Ally

GM Financial made a bid for Ally’s operations in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Latin America, a move that could more than double the captive finance company’s consolidated assets.

GM’s Chief Marketing Exec Resigns

The executive responsible for dropping Facebook from the automaker’s ad budget departs after two years as head of GM’s marketing team.

Japanese Carmakers Stage Loyalty Comeback in Q1, Experian Reports

Japanese automakers make strong post-earthquake/tsunami corporate loyalty comeback in Q1 2012, according to Experian Automotive market trend analysis.

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Government Watchdog Calls for GM, Ally Exit Plan

Government watchdog to testify today about the need for the Obama administration to come up with a plan to sell the government's stake in General Motors and its former captive finance arm.