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United Car Care

F&I Tip of the Week: Discovering the B.E.S.T.

The F&I professor returns to share an acronym he uses to describe the four personality types F&I pros see on a daily basis. He explains what they are and the approach F&I pros need to take with each one.

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F&I Tip of the Week: Managing Lender Portfolios

John “The F&I Professor” Vecchioni says monitoring and managing your lender portfolio is as important as keeping track of your F&I profit per vehicle average. He explains why in his latest F&I Tip of the Week.

F&I Tip of the Week: Transitioning to the Menu

Having trouble transitioning to your menu presentation? John 'The F&I Professor' Vecchioni offers a tip designed to help customers put value and cost in perspective.

F&I Tip of the Week: Selling Theft and Vehicle-Recovery Products

John “The F&I Professor” Vecchioni explains why theft-deterrent and vehicle-recovery products are typically underperforming F&I protections in most stores. He also offers a few tips on how to change that.

F&I Tip of the Week: Establishing a Referral Program

Do you want more touches? The F&I Professor John Vecchioni explains why F&I managers need to establish a referral system that will feed the showroom and keep customers flowing into F&I.

F&I Tip of the Week: Measuring F&I Success

Profitability and product penetrations might be the typical measures of F&I success, but John ‘The F&I Professor’ Vecchioni says there’s a better way to guage success in the F&I office.

F&I Tip of the Week: Stopping Payment Quotes on the Lot

How do you stop salespeople from quoting interest rate and payment on the lot? United Car Care’s John Vecchioni shows you how in his latest installment of F&I’s Tip of the Week.

F&I Tip of the Week: Why Customers Say ‘No’

John Vecchioni, the F&I Professor, says there’s only one reason a customer will say “No” to purchasing an F&I protection. Find out what it is in his latest installment of F&I’s Tip of the Week,

F&I Tip of the Week: Keeping the F&I Office Compliant

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to keep the F&I office compliant, but the F&I Professor John Vecchioni says there’s one area that is often overlooked.

United Car Care Names New National Sales Director

UCC names John Vecchioni as its national sales director.