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Car Shoppers Interested in Used-Vehicle Leases, Finds

Eighty-two percent of drivers across the U.S. would consider getting a used car or truck lease that was three years old, according to a survey by

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February Lease Credit Approvals Up 11% From Last Year

So far in 2014, the credit approval rate is clocking in at 68.3%, close to the level considers “healthy” at 70%.

Lease Approvals Mirroring Consumer Credit Trends, Reports

According to, lease approvals are following similar patterns as the broader consumer credit trends, falling from 73.3% in December to 70.5% in January.

Auto Lease Approvals Rebound Slightly in December

Holiday shopping trends help 2013 finish with healthy credit approvals, reports.

Car Lease Customer Credit Approvals Slip During August

According to, slightly fewer approvals came through vs. the previous month and the overall strength on the year.

August Car Lease Prices Up 2 Percent From 2012

Prices on leases averaged $590.38 last month, up from $578.06 at the end of August 2012, according to data gathered by

Survey: 40 Percent of Drivers Looking to Lease Their Next Car

A survey by finds that more than 40 percent of potential car buyers plan to lease their next vehicle. That’s up from 29.6 percent from a year ago.

Credit Health on Approved Leases Strongest Since Recession

More than 77 percent of car lease customers were approved during April, up from 70 percent during the previous month, according to Auto-Related Credit Approvals Up 27.3 Percent in 2012

U.S. Bank data shows 27.3 percent more approvals in 2012 vs. 2011. December’s credit approval rate also jumped 55 percent from November.

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