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CASE STUDY: Life Without The F&I Department

March 2008, F&I and Showroom - Feature

by George Angus - Also by this author

What if salespeople were to assume the responsibilities of the F&I department? That’s a question my dealer clients have posed quite often of late. As a dealership trainer and consultant, it’s my job to provide my clients with unbiased and in-depth reviews on the effectiveness of any new idea or process. Still, you can imagine my interest in being tasked to find out exactly what dealership life would be like without an F&I department.

Every idea is worth testing, but an unbiased measurement of the results is needed to determine whether the idea or method will accomplish the desired results. The reason my clients are interested in knowing what life would be like without an F&I department is because of today’s culture-based changes in society. Some ideas seem to fit the logic of this new culture, but, when put into practice, they fail to produce the expected and desired results.

Eliminating the F&I department is one such idea. We have studied this idea carefully and thoroughly. Here are our findings:

The Problem: Customers have expressed a dislike for dealing with more than one person during the buying process. The logical solution to this problem is to have one person handle the entire buying process, with that responsibility being left to sales personnel. This move would mean salespeople would handle everything from vehicle demonstration, setting trade values and deal negotiations to presenting all aftermarket and F&I products and completing the financing and associated paperwork.

Possible Benefits: Moving to a one-person process could improve customer satisfaction, provide process efficiencies and possibly more income.

Methodology: The company’s Package Option™ approach seemed like the perfect fit for integrating the F&I process into a salesperson’s normal duties, allowing him or her to easily present F&I products. We agreed to adapt our method to fit the one-person process, train a select group of salespeople in its proper use and then measure the results.


  1. 1. Tiny Dupaquier [ August 20, 2013 @ 02:06PM ]

    Sorry you were unable to achieve the expected results. In your article you went about it the wrong way. The hybrid is an entirely different process. It is alot more than training sales people F&I. If installed and trained correctly it is highly effective that will produce the right results.


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