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February 9, 2016 - Industry News

Q4 2015 Outstanding Loan Balances Reach Highest Level on Record, Experian Reports

Outstanding auto loan balances totaled $987 billion in the fourth quarter 2015, up 11.5% from the year-ago period and the highest level since Experian Automotive began publicly tracking the data in 2006.

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November 16, 2015 - Industry News

Auto Loan Balances Top $1 Trillion in Q3, TransUnion Reports

Despite auto loan balances rising by $101 billion, delinquencies remained flat from a year ago. Officials with the credit reporting agency said their seeing controlled and deliberate growth by lenders.

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May 22, 2014 - Industry News

Auto Loan Debt Reaches Three-Year Mark, Delinquencies Remain Low

Since 2011, auto loan debt per borrower has increased 13%, according to Transunion. The firm also reported that delinquencies experienced a sharp drop from 2013's end-of-year quarter.

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May 22, 2014 - Industry News

Experian: 60-Day Loan Delinquencies Rise in 22 States

While 60-day automotive loan delinquencies fell nationally, 22 states experienced increases. The sharpest increase occurred in Delaware, where delinquencies jumped by nearly 10%.

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February 21, 2013 - Industry News

Experian Automotive: 60-Day Delinquencies on the Rise

Delinquencies in the fourth quarter 2012 experience their first year-over-year increase since 2009, but they still remain below precession levels, Experian Automotive reports.

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December 4, 2012 - Industry News

TransUnion: 60-Day Delinquency Rate Inches Up, Remains at Near Historic Lows

The credit reporting agency attributes the rise in the auto loan 60-day delinquency rate to seasonal patterns, says the rate is still down 56 percent from a recession high of 0.86 percent.

Tags: 60-Day Delinquency Rate, Auto Loan Delinquency Rate, Peter Turek, TransUnion

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