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Wynn Oil Co. Introduces "Wynn's Shield" Window Etching Theft Deterrent System

April 12, 2002

Wynn Oil Co. has introduced Wynn’s Shield Theft Deterrent System, to be marketed by car dealers as both a new- and used-car option. According to the company, Wynn’s Shield is a dealer-installed, window etching system, available with three levels of financial benefits to be paid in the event a protected car is stolen and not recovered. The program offers three levels of coverage, all of which provide car owners with cash benefits. Two versions also provide them with a replacement allowance to purchase another vehicle from the dealer where they purchased the Shield system.

"Car theft, especially by professional thieves, remains widespread and vehicle recovery rates are falling," said Sam Haik of Wynn’s. "We believe many car buyers want to invest in reliable deterrent systems to make their vehicles less appealing to thieves and to offset some of the additional cost and frustration that occur if their cars are stolen. Professional car thieves prefer to avoid vehicles with window etching because of the ease of identification and the reduced value of the vehicle to them after replacing the windows."

Haik added that Wynn’s corporate strategy when introducing a dealer-marketed, automotive protection program has always been to offer a product that has true value to car buyers and is available with different levels of protection to suit their individual needs. "We have structured our Wynn’s Shield program in the same way," he said.

The standard Wynn’s Shield program provides theft deterrent protection for 36 months. If the vehicle is stolen and not recovered, Wynn’s says they will pay the customer $2,500 in benefits. The Wynn’s Shield Plus program extends the protection to 48 months, increases the benefit payment to $3,000 and also provides a $2,000 replacement allowance to purchase a replacement vehicle within 30 days from the dealer that sold the program to the customer. The Wynn’s Shield Extra program features 60 months of protection and a $5,000 benefit payment plus a $2,000 replacement allowance valid at the selling dealership. The protection provided through the Extra and Plus programs is transferrable to subsequent owners if the car is sold within the coverage time provided.

A unique code number is etched from a stencil to each glass panel on the vehicle. Data linking the code to the car and the vehicle owner for each car by the program is registered in a data base maintained by Wynn’s. If the vehicle is stolen, the owner must notify law enforcement officials within 24 hours and Wynn’s within 15 days of that time if the car has not been recovered. Each etching includes an 800-telephone number that will connect anyone finding the vehicle directly to Wynn’s.

Dealers who agree to market the Wynn’s Shield programs purchase kits including etching materials and window warning decals for vehicles. Marketing materials, sales literature and application guidelines are provided at no charge. As with every Wynn’s program, the company maintains a customer service department to answer questions from dealer personnel about sales or application issues.

"We believe our program will appeal to dealers because of the flexible protection levels they can offer and the long-standing credibility and reliability that Wynn’s name enjoys among the automotive trade and consumers," Haik said. "Our company has been marketing automotive care products and services for more than 60 years and we have 30 years of claims handling experience. We know how to support dealers marketing our products and programs with positive, responsive service."

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