Calif. Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a dealer protection bill similar to a measure vetoed by his...

Calif. Dealers Get Warranty Rate Hike, 10-Year Upgrade Intervals, CCPA Exemption

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed AB 179, enacting new dealer protections against below-market warranty reimbursement rates and OEM-ordered facility upgrades. The bill also allows dealers to issue recall notices without violating new data privacy rules.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly plans to erect “Tesla Centers” throughout the U.S. in a bid to...

Sources: Tesla Wants Back in Dealership Game, Seeks Loophole

Electrek reports Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to open ‘Tesla Centers’ around the U.S., once again challenging rules against direct-to-consumer sales. Sources say the firm’s Electric division could provide a workaround.

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Dealertrack uniFI now features Digital Contracting, adding enhancements such as an end-to-end...

Dealertrack uniFI Completes Paperless Workflow With Digital Contracting

Dealertrack announced the integration of its proprietary electronic contracting solution with Dealertrack uniFI, promising a paperless lead-to-contract workflow facilitated by a single platform.

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Stephen McDaniel will brief attendees on remaining compliant throughout the review and approval...

Get the Inside Edge on F&I Product Review and Approval at PALS

Stephen McDaniel will brief attendees on remaining compliant throughout the review and approval of F&I products.

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Dwayne Hawkins is the founder and chief executive of the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Crown...

Dwayne Hawkins Gives Back at Crown Automotive

The chairman and CEO of Crown Automotive Group has lived the American dream, created opportunities for thousands of employees, and offered countless car buyers a fair deal, all while devoting time, money, and resources to a long list of charitable causes.

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F&I Tip of the Week: Five Star Review

F&I Tip of the Week: Five Star Review

Car buyers are researching F&I products online. Will they find your dealership? Join John Tabar of UDS as he shares a simple, no-cost process that will add SEO-friendly content about your products to your website and give you new insights into the F&I customer experience.

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gvo3 & ACE’s Gil Van Over will return to the Compliance Summit stage with a session dedicated to...

Compliance Summit Will Include a Session Devoted to Sales Compliance

gvo3 & ACE’s Gil Van Over will return to the Compliance Summit stage with a session dedicated to the most frequent source of noncompliance: the sales department.

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Resident compliance expert will discuss the regulations surrounding the automotive industry and...

O’Loughlin Returns to Compliance Summit

Resident compliance expert will discuss the regulations surrounding the automotive industry and dealers’ plights with fraud and legal challenges.

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New data shows promising trends for dealers concerned about impound fees.

Report: GPS Tracking Reduces Impound Costs

In the year since impound fees cost the used car industry $1.1 billion, new data released by Spireon shows maturing technology has made a positive impact.

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VenueVision-branded GoMoto kiosks will be integrated with the reseller’s scheduling and...

VenueVision to Resell GoMoto Dealership Service Kiosks

GoMoto and VenueVision have partnered for an integration and reseller campaign that will bring GoMoto-built self-service kiosks to more Canadian auto dealers.

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Christian Franks (left), a sales professional at Carolina Ford of Honea Path, S.C., poses with a...

S.C. Ford Dealer Offers Free Gun With Every Purchase

Four months after factory executives put a stop to a similar campaign at an Alabama dealership, Carolina Ford is offering a free rifle, American flag, and Bible to every sold customer through the end of November.

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Texas dealer and NADA Chairman Charlie Gilchrist described the United States-Mexico-Canada trade...

Gilchrist: USMCA a Win for Dealers, Industry

NADA Chairman Charlie Gilchrist voiced his support for the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in remarks at a press event. The Texas dealer urged Congress not to ignore the ‘reality’ of an auto industry built on favorable relationships among the three nations.

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ADV Adds Nelson as VP and Partner

ADV Adds Nelson as VP and Partner

Twenty-year industry veteran and former NAE/NWAN executive Ryan Nelson has joined Advanced Dealer Solutions as an executive vice president and partner.

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CDK Global’s dealer clients now have access to WheelsTV’s test drive application.

WheelsTV Brings Interactive Test Drives to CDK Dealers

WheelsTV has joined the CDK Global Partner Program, offering CDK dealers access to WheelsTV’s proprietary interactive video test drive technology.

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Upgraded security cameras intended to document exterior damage on vehicles entering the service...

When Dealers Catch Criminals

Noncompliant and outright illegal behavior by dealers, managers, and staff have generated headlines throughout the year. Less heralded are the instances in which dealership personnel took action that led to arrests.

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Duplicitous directors may appear blameless to management, even as they artificially inflate...

My F&I Director Won’t Take Cash

Church offers advice to an F&I manager whose director does whatever he can to avoid handling cash customers, achieving superstar status at his co-workers’ expense.

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Regulators are wise to fraudulent dealership sales practices and busy prosecuting perpetrators.

Yesterday’s Standards Are Today’s Felonies

The shady practices dealers and F&I professionals once bragged about are now landing many in jail. Compliance expert lists three forms of fraud you can eradicate immediately.

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St. Helens Auto Center’s Andrew Suvanvej advises colleagues to find training that aligns with...

4 Ways Training Improves Retention and Results

Expert shares the four essential components dealers should look for in outside training programs for sales and F&I professionals, each of which contributes to improved morale, productivity, and profits.

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