“Is this your current address?” Dealers must take extra steps to prevent synthetic ID fraud and...

F&I Meets a New-Age Dr. Frankenstein

Synthetic identity theft is wreaking havoc among American retailers. Compliance guru offers a buyback prevention checklist for dealers and F&I professionals.

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Experts say auto dealers’ ability to shift resources to higher-margin departments when...

Pace of Dealership Acquisitions Slows in Q2

Kerrigan Advisors’ latest Blue Sky buy/sell report counts 49 transactions in the second quarter, a slight decline from Q1 but enough to maintain a 200-plus-transaction pace for 2019.

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NADA was among the entities that submitted official comments to Regulation.gov in response to...

NADA Mounts Opposition to Enhanced Safeguards Rule

National Automobile Dealers Association officials have told the FTC that proposed new provisions to the Safeguards Rule may be unnecessary and could cost smaller dealers more than $400,000 in the first calendar year of enforcement.

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A new whitepaper from Binary Automotive Solutions urges dealers to focus on lifelong...

Report: Chasing Price Hurts Gross, F&I, Service

A new report makes the case for chasing value over price, a strategy that auto dealerships nationwide are adopting to generate higher front-end & back-end grosses while earning lifelong service customers.

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Top F&I producers stand out by ignoring the average and dedicating themselves to daily...

Fight the Gravitational Pull of Average!

Top trainer wants you to stop asking about average penetration rates and PRU and start challenging yourself to become a better F&I manager every day — particularly on slow days.

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Harnessing the power — and competitive advantage — of the data your dealership collects every...

3 Keys to Harness the Power of Dealer Data

Shoppers are increasingly moving online for all purchases. Few auto dealers have fully realized the competitive marketing advantage this potentially lucrative data stream can bring.

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Five F&I professionals will attend Industry Summit as a guest of IAS and veteran trainer Eric...

‘Ask Frenchy’ Returns to Industry Summit, Seeks Competitors

Five F&I professionals will attend Industry Summit as a guest of IAS and veteran trainer Eric ‘Frenchy’ Mélon, who will select finalists for the third annual objection-handling competition and F&I training session.

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Rooney Joins Hudco as Partner in DC Office

Rooney Joins Hudco as Partner in DC Office

Mark E. Rooney, an attorney whose practice focuses on consumer litigation defense and government investigations in the financial services industry, has joined the Washington, D.C., office of Hudson Cook LLP.

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Auto/Mate Adds Text Messaging Solution to DMS

Auto/Mate Adds Text Messaging Solution to DMS

Auto/Mate Dealership Systems announced the integration of its dealer management system with the Text2Drive two-way text messaging platform.

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AUL has launched a new website designed to drive advancements in econtracting, reporting, and...

AUL Unveils New Website, Plans Enhancements

AUL Corp.’s new website is part of a multiphase digital strategy executives say will modernize the automotive econtracting experience.

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A new online training platform developed by Protective Asset Protection focuses on product...

Protective Introduces Online Dealer Training Platform

Protective Asset Protection’s Dealer Training Institute was designed to help F&I personnel better understand product offerings to maximize sales, profits, and CSI.

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The latest upgrades to Manheim’s mobile app were designed to provide dealers greater control...

Manheim Adds Vehicle Recs, Offer Tools to Mobile App

The Manheim Express mobile app now includes a machine learning-fueled Recommended tab and in-app access to the auction company’s offer management tools.

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Honda reported a one-month record tally of nearly 174,000 units sold by U.S. dealers in August,...

SAAR Fails to Crack 17M Despite Record August Sales

U.S. sales of new cars and light trucks fell 1.2% year-over-year in August, a sales month that extended through the Labor Day weekend and set new records for Honda, Toyota, and Subaru.

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Outstanding automotive loan balances totaled $1.197 billion in the second quarter, with the...

Prime Buyers Flock to Used Vehicles in Q2 Report

Experian’s Q2 auto finance report consumers continue to uncover ways to manage monthly payments. For a record percentage of prime borrowers, that meant passing on a $32,000-plus new-vehicle loan in favor of a pre-owned unit.

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Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff is serving a 150-year sentence at a federal prison in Otisville,...

A Life of Crime at the Heights of Success

The long list of offenses committed by dealers and other highly successful people proves desperation is not the only cause of criminal behavior.

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The Federal Trade Commission’s Safeguards Rule now requires that someone — whether an employee...

The Price of Compliance Is Going Up. Sorry.

Recent revisions to the federal Safeguards Rule cement the need for a compliance officer in every dealership. Whether their duties are performed by an employee or outsourced, satisfying the new requirement is going to cost your store thousands of dollars per month.

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