HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. — The Dealer Services Group of Automatic Data Processing Inc. has launched Deal Review, a new tool that will help dealerships track, monitor and report on their deal compliance efforts.    

As regulation of the vehicle sale process becomes more numerous and complex, ADP’s Deal Review can help dealerships better manage their compliance obligations by providing them with better visibility into the status and completion of various compliance tasks before the sale of a vehicle is finalized. Deal Review has a number of features that help support dealership compliance activities:

• Fast, efficient transaction tools embedded into the dealer’s existing point of sale applications

• Direct link between F&I deals and consumer compliance tasks

• Dealer-customizable list of compliance activities to track

• Advanced reporting to review compliance performance and to help identify gaps

• Advanced Adverse Action management tools with flexible selection criteria and customizable notices

“Dealers have told us that when it comes to compliance, they need to know where they stand on a deal-by-deal basis, before they finalize the sale with the consumer. With Deal Review, F&I managers can quickly assess the compliance status of a deal before it is closed, and general managers and dealer principals will have the tools to better manage their overall compliance process,” states Paul Rindone, division vice president and general manager of financial services for ADP Dealer Services.  

With Deal Review, a general manager can set up the compliance tasks that a dealership will track and know at a glance how many F&I deals complied with the dealership’s policies, and drill down to find instances where F&I managers were not adhering to the dealership’s requirements.

F&I managers can instantly view which tasks are complete and which are open, have a consistent method to log how exceptions were cleared, and enjoy one-touch access to run any missing transaction.   

Deal Review also features a more efficient dealer workflow because these tools are built into existing workflow applications, including ADP’s Business Online suite, ADP CRM, Menu and Credit solutions, as well as the ADP Drive Dealer Management System.