CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. Automotive Compliance Consultants announced that dealership management need to make sure that anyone employed after 1986 completes I-9 Employment Verification paperwork as required by law.

“It’s a good idea, too, for dealership management to take another look at their personnel files, even for long-term staff, to be sure all employees have completed these verification and eligibility documents, as I-9 laws pertain to anyone hired after November 6, 1986,” said Terry Dortch, president, Automotive Compliance Consultants, Crystal Lake.

Penalties for noncompliance range from $250 per incident of improper I-9 forms completion to $11,000 per incident if a company knowingly hires or continues to employ unauthorized workers.

I-9 forms and more are available for download from the Office of Homeland Security website.

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