E-Credit Express Inc., a patent-pending automated lender management platform (LMP), announced that it has integrated Carleton’s SmartDocs and SmartCalcs hosted web services into E-Credit Express’s LMP. Carleton is a provider of compliance software products to many of the major auto lending captives and lenders in the auto industry.

Carleton’s SmartCalcs software services will enable E-Credit Express to compliantly support all the lending and leasing computations at the state, federal, and lender level nationwide. The compliance calculations, along with enhanced state tax and fee usury validation, ensures E-Credit Express dealers are always current with all regulatory and compliance issues. 

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Carleton and leverage their 40 years of experience in the auto lending industry,” said Paul Pawlusiak, president of E-Credit Express. “Carleton’s SmartCalcs software ensures that our LMP will provide accurate lending and leasing computations in compliance with all regulations.”

E-Credit Express also is using Carleton’s SmartDocs and support services for the generation of all the documents related to a sale, loan, or lease. Carleton’s robust document preparation software, combined with compliance expertise and a library of compliant documents for each state, enables E-Credit Express to meet the dealer’s and lender’s document preparation requirements nationwide.