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Dealer Group Accuses Maserati of Inflating Sales Numbers

A New York-based dealer group has filed a $200 million lawsuit against Maserati, claiming that the OEM inflated sales numbers and rewarded dealers who participated in its illegal schemes.

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CNW: August Deliveries Could Rise 8 Percent

This month, same-store deliveries are up nearly 6 percent while new floor traffic beat out last year’s numbers by 24.7 percent. Based on the data, CNW expects sales to rise at least 8 percent.

February Manufacturer, Dealer Spiffs Climb

Manufacturers offered an average of $4,162 in incentives per vehicle in February, while the average MSRP of vehicles sold this month rose 3.7 percent vs. last year.

December Transaction Prices Rise to Record High, TrueCar Reports

December was an ideal month for manufacturers. Transaction price rose to record levels while incentive spending continued to fall, TrueCar reports.

NADA to Automakers: Stop Unfair Business Practices

NADA Chairman Bill Underriner warns automakers against intruding into dealers’ businesses with two-tier pricing and mandatory facility upgrades.

Transaction Prices Up, Incentives Down in August, TrueCar Reports

Higher transaction prices and lower incentive spending didn’t keep car buyers away from dealer lots, a positive sign for automakers and dealers.

Incentives Tick Up in May, Edmunds Reports

Manufactures increased their incentive spend per vehicle by 3.9 percent in May. The increase comes one month after spending hit its lowest level in almost seven years.

SE Toyota Finance Offers Military Rebate Program

Southeast Toyota Finance announced that U.S. military personnel will receive a $1,000 rebate when they lease or buy any new Scion model or a $500 rebate when they lease or buy any new Toyota.

Transaction Prices Up, Incentives Down, TrueCar Reports

The average transaction price for light vehicles in March jumped $1,977 from a year ago, while the average incentive was down 1.8 percent.

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Rebates Propped Up February Auto Sales, Reports Buycentives

A study by Buycentives revealed that rebates and incentives continued to play a role in February auto sales.