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spot delivery

Yesterday’s Standards Are Today’s Felonies

The shady practices dealers and F&I professionals once bragged about are now landing many in jail. Compliance expert lists three forms of fraud you can eradicate immediately.

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Philadelphia Dealer to Pay $24K Settlement for ‘Spot Deliveries’

DeSimone Auto Group is accused of charging higher finance rates than what customers initially agreed to once they took delivery of a vehicle.

Vegas Musings

The magazine’s resident legal wiz reports on what he saw and heard at the industry’s annual get-together last month, including reports of dealer investigations being conducted by the Federal Trade Commission.

The FTC Hits the Road

The magazine’s legal wiz questions how easily the Federal Trade Commission can shift gears from enforcement body to policy maker.

Spot Deliveries: Pitch the Bathwater, Not the Baby

There still is room in auto retail for spot deliveries, but a balance between the needs of dealers and consumer advocates must be struck.

Brave New World

The fed and consumer advocates are at it again. The magazine’s legal expert tackles the latest attacks on finance reserve and spot deliveries.

Pennsylvania AG Files Lawsuits Against Two Used-Car Dealerships

The Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection has filed lawsuits against the owners of used-car dealerships in Philadelphia and Bucks County, along with their related companies. They are accused of deceptive advertising, selling vehicles that were not roadworthy, failing to provide vehicle titles and other violations of Pennsylvania's auto sales regulations and consumer protection laws.

12 Hot-Button Issues for 2009

As state and federal regulators increase their vigilance of finance transactions, dealers will need to be on high alert when it comes to their F&I processes. Former compliance regulator addresses F&I's brave new world of compliance.

Spots on the Spot

As all of you know, spot deliveries are a common practice in many dealerships around the country. Where they are permitted by law and properly executed, spot deliveries are a valuable sales process.

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Cleaning the Spot ... Delivery

When I sit down to write this column every month, I try to think about what’s new, what’s novel, what do folks not know about, etc. A request from a reader asking for an article that discussed spot deliveries made me realize that sometimes, a “best practices” article on a subject that’s been around a long time may provide more bang for the buck from time to time.