SYRACUSE, N.Y. – XpressCredit added General Acceptance Corp. of Fairfield, N.J., to its Web-based, indirect lending platform.

In addition, General Acceptance accepted XpressCredit's credit aggregation system (CAS) and loan origination system (LOS).

XpressCredit’s software and advanced filtering technology will provide General Acceptance with the ability to receive only applications that meet their criteria for funding, thereby streamlining their core business process. For independent auto dealers on the XpressCredit platform, this means access to another lending source that can help them sell more cars.

“General Acceptance Corp. is a welcome addition to the XpressCredit platform. The features and functionality provided through our software gives General Acceptance the ability to finance more loans with less overhead, and allow our dealers another avenue to put metal over the curb.” said XpressCredit executive vice president, Mark Louer.

“Working with XpressCredit is one of the best choices I’ve made in our time in business. It was a business relationship meant to be. The system is so easy to use and the company is always willing to help make my job that much easier. It’s so easy I can be on road signing new dealers and also decisioning deals all from my iPhone!” said Jarret Smith of General Acceptance Corporation.