EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — National Payment Network (NPN), a provider of biweekly payment plans, launched the CustomPay Accelerated program, which allows dealers to have their commissions paid in full upon enrolling a customer. This means dealers can now enjoy instant cash flow and immediate revenue recognition.

"Because so many dealers utilize CustomPay as a way to boost F&I penetration across all products, we're always looking for complementary ways to boost dealer profitability even further," says Jason Typrin, vice president of sales and marketing for NPN. "Creating a product that not only enables F&I up-selling but also improves short term cash flow and profitability of our dealers makes sense. It fits perfectly with our core vision of simply making dealers more profitable. And in today’s economy, this has never been more important."

With the launch of CustomPay Accelerated, dealers will still have the option of electing CustomPay's traditional commission plan which defers commission payouts to eliminate dealer charge-backs.

"NPN has always been the clear leader in commission flexibility by supporting unlimited deal structures and incentive programs," said Doug Byrne, NPN's vice president of account management. "CustomPay Accelerated allows us to continue being the most flexible and dynamic biweekly administrator in the market today."

And as with service contracts and other F&I products, commissions from CustomPay Accelerated can be easily included in a dealer’s back-end gross calculations. “Being fully compatible with most F&I comp plans is another benefit of CustomPay Accelerated,” says Byrne. “For many dealers, it will be even easier to include NPN revenue in F&I pay plans.”