DENVER — Eos Group Inc. and Tuttle-Click Automotive Group announced a new partnership to bring Eos extended vehicle service contracts to Tuttle-Click’s customers in Southern California and Arizona.

"It is vital that customers have a service contract to increase a dealership's chance to continue to be the customer's service facility of choice," said Jim Thompson, executive vice president and principal of Eos Group Inc.

Eos targets consumers that are planning on keeping their vehicle longer and do not have the assistance of a manufacturer's warranty to help pay for repairs. It is designed to give the consumer another opportunity to buy an extended warranty that they thought they may not have needed when they purchased their vehicle.

"Our automotive group has been searching for a unique approach to generating profit and increasing customer retention, Eos captures a customer base that has not been touched and is an exciting new opportunity within our dealerships,” said George Saad, vice president of Tuttle-Click Automotive Group. “Their system follows a systematic approach from the first touch on the lane, a partner call center to follow up, and a mail campaign to a customer Web purchase site."