SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — CNA National Warranty Corporation announced that $27 million was returned to automobile dealers across the United State in 2011 through its various participation plans. 

“We are proud to be an industry leader in working with dealers for their long-term success,” said Alan Miller, senior vice president of sales. “The front-end sale receives most of the attention in our industry, but it is the back-end programs that allow us to build a true partnership with our dealers.”

Over the last 30 years, CNA National has returned more than $230 million to dealers through participation plans, according to the comapny.

“The money paid to our dealers not only benefits their business, it can ultimately benefit their community, metropolitan and state economies. Some dealers have used these funds to expand their operation or to purchase additional points,” said Joe Becker, president and chief executive officer. “Our goal is to continue having a positive role with our dealers across the country.”

CNA National’s participation plans enable dealers to select the program that best serves both their business and individual income development goals, according to the company. CNA National also offers controlled foreign corporations (CFC) and non-controlled foreign corporation (NCFC) structures.

“We have a proven business model for our dealers that helped them weather the recent challenges in the automobile industry and the economy,” Miller said. “We will continue to work with dealers to prove our value to their long-term success.”