Photo courtesy of Ally.

Photo courtesy of Ally.

DETROIT — Ally's new Vehicle Intercept Program is designed to drive showroom traffic and increase new-vehicle sales at General Motors and Chrysler dealerships.

Kicking off in Fort Myers, Fla., Washington, D.C., Houston and Detroit, the program provides an opportunity for dealers to showcase new vehicles at local community “hot spots,” such as coffee shops and eateries, and educate consumers on vehicle features.

“This program is a creative way to get consumers to experience vehicles they may not otherwise consider,” said Tim Russi, executive vice president, North American Auto Operations. “We’re excited to conduct these programs with dealers to help generate leads and expand our retail financing opportunities as well.”

Following the brief vehicle demonstration, consumers will receive a special promotional code to go online and register for a test drive at one of the local participating dealerships. If the consumer visits a participating dealer and completes a test drive, they will be presented with a $50 gas card.

“Our ultimate goal is to help dealers sell more vehicles,” Russi said. “The Vehicle Intercept Program is another creative initiative that helps dealers grow their business, while also giving us the opportunity to strengthen our collective relationship and showcase the value we bring to their business.”