CHANDLER, Ariz. — and Consumer Portfolio Services Inc. have partnered to expand the bankruptcy market to automobile dealers throughout the United States. This collaboration is designed to provide dealers with fresh BK leads while strengthening their relationship with Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS).

Through the program, subscribing dealers will receive substantial package discounts on’s Lender Partner Program. The relationship also expands the reach of the program, which pairs dealers with lenders that focus on bankruptcy consumers. 

“We currently provide our BK marketing program to dealers in all 50 states,” said President Robert Davies. “This new relationship with CPS will allow us to add national coverage to our Lender Partner Program and help reach our growth expectations for this fiscal year.”

John Harton, vice president of marketing for CPS, said the new partnership is designed to help dealers maximize their marketing dollars. “CPS is very excited to be offering what we call the ‘BK Combo’ and look forward to the added value that this combination will bring to our dealers,” he said.