DALLAS — Vehicle Acceptance Corporation (VAC) plans to open a new branch office in Indianapolis in the fall, demonstrating the growth of the buy-here, pay-here market in the Midwest.

“This latest expansion of the nationwide subprime finance company is a strong indication of the healthy and growing buy‐here, pay‐here marketplace in the region,” officials said. “A stronger presence in the Midwest is vital to VAC's long term growth strategy.”

VAC has done business in Indiana for years, but recently has had very positive results from its relationship with AFCD and the efforts by their representatives to help BHPH dealers become more profitable and efficient. These dealers are generating a great deal of business with VAC, and the market is a good fit for VAC’s advance and servicing products.

The Indianapolis office will be fully operational this fall; new dealers and opportunities are currently handled by the VAC Phoenix office under the lead of Sara Upton, the company's chief operating officer. This will allow for a smooth transition to the permanent location that is being established in Indianapolis.

VAC has five branch locations nationwide. For more information, contact Sara Upton at 602‐224‐9874 or visit www.VACorp.com.