ORLANDO, Fla. — Cars Out The Door introduced Cars Out The Door 1.0, a solution that delivers unlimited internet leads to car dealerships and moves the car selling and buying process online.

According to the company, there is no interaction between the car buyer and dealer until after a buying decision is made. The solution does not require dealer contracts, upfront fees or access to the dealer’s database. Dealers pay a fee only when a vehicle is delivered.

“Car buyers and car dealers both want the best from the internet, and now they have it,” says Mike Marini, Cars Out The Door founder and CEO.

Cars Out The Door, which dealerships can access for free by signing up online, enables dealers to provide one out-the-door price quote per buyer that includes trade-in, taxes, tag, title and all dealer fees. If the dealer does not have the buyer's requested vehicle in inventory, they can still compete for the business by  indicating the number of days required for vehicle ordering.

Both buyer and dealer are kept anonymous until the buying decision is made and each dealer’s price quotes are visible only to the respective buyers, according to Cars Out The Door. The entire process takes place within the Cars Out The Door’s Website and is time-limited to 48 hours.

For more information, visit carsoutthedoor.com/dealers.php.