NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Allstate Insurance Co. and Allstate Dealer Services announced that auto dealers will have the opportunity to open full-service Allstate agencies inside their dealerships.

“Allstate’s dealer program seamlessly integrates the purchase and service of a vehicle with the opportunity to price your auto insurance with Allstate and work with a licensed insurance professional on all your coverage needs in a way that’s never been done before,” said Mark LaNeve, Allstate senior executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Our agency owners are at the heart of Allstate’s business and this program allows us to attract new customers at a time and location that’s convenient for the customer.”

Agency offices will be placed inside the dealership, typically on the showroom floor and operate during regular hours of the dealership, according to Allstate. Licensed insurance professionals and a team of support staff employed by the agency owner will be onsite to assist customers.

The program combines the Allstate Exclusive Agency, Good Hands Network Repair Facility and Allstate Dealer Service products with dealer F&I offerings and the ability to integrate Allstate Benefits into the dealer’s employee benefits platform, according to the company.

“Many times there is a short waiting time between when a customer purchases a car and when they drive off the lot. During this time, the customer can talk with a licensed insurance professional about their insurance needs not only for their new vehicle, but also their home and other protection needs,” said Doug Herberger, president of Allstate Dealer Services. “With a continued focus on our partners, we are bringing Allstate’s suite of products and services to the consumer and giving auto dealers an opportunity to deepen their relationship with customers.”

Allstate and Allstate Dealer Services tested and modified the program during the past two years with Allstate agents in 11 dealerships around the country, according to the company.

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