ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. released a new online goal-setting calculator. The calculator can be used both by individual salespeople or the entire dealership to find their starting point in units and income so they can set a realistic and achievable one-year improvement goal.

The tool calculates the value of setting and reaching these goals and the benefit to the individual and the dealership in sales volume and extra income.

“I think everyone wants to sell more and earn more, and most of us believe we're setting goals correctly to achieve success. Unfortunately, that just isn't the case 97% of the time,” said Joe Verde, president of Joe Verde Sales & Management Training Inc. “If you set a goal correctly, reaching it is a very straightforward process.”

Verde is the author of five popular books for dealers, managers and salespeople. In 2003, he created the Joe Verde Training Network, one of the first online training venues for auto dealers.

“As long as the goal is realistic and you're willing to put in the effort to achieve it — no problem, you can increase your sales and income year after year. If you start off on the wrong track, that first misstep derails your goal and your long-term success,” Verde explains. “To set a clear, realistic and achievable sales goal, you need to delete the older history and calculate your ‘Current Average,’ which is your average of just your last three months.”

Verde encouraged dealers and their salespeople to use the calculator to find their current average, and then to set realistic goals for units and income so they can reap the benefit to them and their families.

“There are no tricks, no smoke and mirrors. When you set a clear goal and have a clear plan and are willing to go to work to work — the sky is your limit,” Verde added.


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