VANCOUVER, Wash. — DealerSuccess announced the launch of Virtual Deal, an online deal creator that uses DMS-integrated technology to give consumers the option to work an entire deal online.

VirtualDeal is a plug-in to an auto dealership’s existing website that allows a customer to select a vehicle, click the VirtualDeal button and complete their entire deal online. Customers are able to get multiple leasing and payment options, trade-in value, financing and fees. They can also reserve a vehicle for up to 24 hours through the web application.

VirtualDeal also creates payments that benefit both the dealer and the consumer, according to DealerSuccess officials, and has an integrated customer follow-up system with full-accountability reporting.

DMS and CRM integration captures customer values and history and allows deal push, accurate ROI and closed RO VirtualDeal automation. DealerSuccess says it guarantees a 200% ROI.

The tool was pilot tested and improved over an eight-year period and was found to produce profit margins on the front and back that are improved over internet web leads with a higher closing ratio, according to DealerSuccess. With the VirtualDeal tool, dealers are desking 50-200 extra deals a month at a 96% consumer closing ratio.

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