SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) has appointed Cesar D. Pucci, director for corporate quality for Eaton Corporation, to its board of directors. He joins the more than 20 executives from the automotive and transportation OEM and supplier community who currently serve on the AIAG board. 

"Eaton relies on AIAG to help make sure we are in alignment with our customers' requirements and to stay updated on standards and other industry knowledge," Pucci said. "There are many important changes in the new ISO standards, and AIAG is a strong partner in global discussions on how to ensure the industry has even better quality in the future."

AIAG’s board of directors is responsible for maintaining the organization’s commitment to a seamless, efficient and responsible supply chain, the company stated. Pucci, it added, has particular knowledge in developing, implementing and improving quality management systems that will be an asset to the board and its members.

"We're on the edge of major changes. It's important that all stakeholders be aware of and in alignment with current standards. AIAG works to make sure quality professionals have access to a high level of expertise,” Pucci said.